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Is this an All Ages event?

Though K-Pop Mixtape is an All Ages friendly event, not all venue locations are able to accommodate an All Ages crowd. Therefore, K-Pop Mixtape is not currently an All Ages event.

How do I purchase tickets to K-Pop Mixtape?

To get tickets to K-Pop Mixtape, please visit our Event Page and select the event you would like to attend.

What is the dress code for the K-Pop Mixtape dance party?

We encourage you to wear your best dancing gear and creative outfits. Cosplay and costumes are welcome, however we ask that you do not bring any prop weapons or bulky items that may limit the experience of the other guests. Masks and make-up must be able to be removed for security to properly identify you with your Government Issued ID.

This is a creative atmosphere and we encourage our guests to feel comfortable expressing themselves freely. Please ensure you are not violating the dress code policy of the venue that is holding the event in which you wish to attend. Each location’s policy will vary and we must respect the wishes and security requirements of our hosting venues.

How can I request a K-Pop Mixtape dance party in my area?

To request a K-Pop Mixtape dance party in your area, please see our request form at the bottom of our Event Page.

What is the difference between ticket prices and releases?

There is no difference between the tickets except the price. Phase 1 is the ‘early bird’ ticket which is offered at the maximum discounted rate. After the early bird tickets sell out, the 2nd release are offered at a smaller discounted rate. This continues until the full ticket price is offered at Phase 5.

Tickets are sold out. Can I buy tickets at the door?

Once tickets are sold out, we do not sell tickets at the door. Please note that our tickets go on sale well in advance, so keep a lookout for more tickets for our future events.

I can't make it to the dance party, can I get a refund?

Sorry, we have a no refund policy, unless we postpone or cancel the event.

We have rough weather on the day of event, will the dance party be cancelled?

Unless otherwise stated in the specific event page for the event you wish to attend, K-Pop Mixtape is an indoor, rain or shine event. If the weather warrants a local weather emergency, please check with the venue for your specific event and please travel safely.